How many strikes do you get?

Once again, I’m debating departing my current mobile carrier.

I rely on my mobile. It is my phone, my alarm clock, my entertainment system, my email inbox, my atlas, and a great many other things besides.

When I first joined 3 Mobile, it was based on their “all-you-can-eat” data and the iPhone 5. Now we’re two iPhones later (I’ve smashed two and Apple has released two) and they keep trying to charge me more for “all-you-can-eat” data. With no other appreciable change in my service. And no appreciable change to my coverage. And I live on the east coast of Lincolnshire.

Which is to say, I don’t see this as especially acceptable and will continue to shop around for new plans that are cheaper per month — and perhaps a new phone! Plus, when you’re about to get into a negotiation with a telephone customer “service” representative, it always pays to do your homework.

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A roll of the dice

I decided I was going to enter the Scottish Book Trust’s 50 words contest for January. The prompt was “write a story that includes a roll of the dice”.

Sadly, I wasn’t the winner, but I still quite like the result.


They watch, wait, wonder about fate.

The muffled rattle of the dice in the cup. The slam of the cup on the table. Creased bills and futures change hands.

Gods may not play dice, but these people do.

When they lift the cup, they’ll see the role the gods play.